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Dec 11

Cellphone Searches Upon Arrest Allowed By Canada's Top Court

December 11, 2014, by Mike Blanchfield

OTTAWA — A divided Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that police can conduct a limited search of suspect's cellphone without getting a search warrant, but they must follow strict rules.


Dec 11

20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 unboxing and hands-on

December 11, 2014, by Rik Henderson

It might have been sold out in the US, but the limited edition 20th anniversary Play Station went on sale for the first time in the UK today and we managed to get our hands on one to lovingly stroke and caress as we removed it from its box.


Dec 11

Keewifi Router Makes Connecting To The Internet A Breeze

December 11, 2014, by Author

Have you ever been to someone’s house and asked for their router password so that you can use the Internet only to have to wait for them to find that piece of paper that has their login info? Yeah, it’s not fun