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Feb 25

Welcome to my blog

February 25, 2018, by Martin Maco

Welcome to writers. A place where I will talk about the things I like the most like technology, social media, trends, and much more

Writers is a blog disigned by myself. It's a simple CMS build in HTML, CSS, JS and PHP. Right now its on its early stages, but litlle by little I want to add more features and see where this goes.

I built this CMS Blog back in 2015 after graduating from Humber College in Toronto. The design aproach I took was to take inspiration from other blogs, did some steches, then I jump into photoshop to start the mockups. After review and correcting my own designs, I opened Sublime Text and let the coding begin. Fisrt task was to convert the design from mockups to HTML, CSS, JS, then created the database using phpmyadminand finish off with the backend using PHP.

I will be adding the add user feature, subscriptions, and more.

So that's the brief story of this blog. Thank you for taking your time to visit, and dont forget to come back.